Website-Relaunch of Dr. Erkens Consulting Group

We have used the summer vacation and the current restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic to completely redesign our website and provide it with new content.

The website of the Dr. Erkens Consulting Group officially goes online on 03 September 2020, and in addition to corporate information about the Dr. Erkens Consulting Group and its range of services it offers many other features such as current information from the health industry, regular blog posts on topics relating to marketing and sales, and much more.

We have been supported in the creation of our new and completely responsive website by our longstanding partner

Integrated Pharma-News at Dr. Erkens Consulting Group Website
As a strategy and consulting agency, we always need to be up to date. A large number of internet portals in the areas of healthcare, medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medtech and life sciences are currently available. However, these areas are so large and evolve so rapidly that none of these portals alone can provide information about all the innovations. We therefore decided to provide links on our website to a number of selected news portals in order to keep you and us up to date with regard to indications, new diagnostic methods, therapies, market and company changes, trends, and much more.


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